Donations & Legacies

Gifts in Memory

A gift in memory of a relative or friend at a time of sadness can be a wonderful way to remember people and pets you care for, and through supporting the work of the RSPCA you can make a real difference in their name. Many people prefer to make a tribute like this in place of flowers at a funeral. Some ask for flowers from family members only and for donations to charity in other instances.

The funeral director will help to organise this kind of gesture, so there is no extra burden on family and friends. You may consider this an option for yourself when you make or update your will.

If you make a gift yourself in memory of a loved one, you may find it helpful to make this clear to us when you send your donation, particularly if further contact from us is likely to distress you. If asked, the RSPCA will respect your wish for privacy and not contact you again.


Legacies are vital to the existence of the RSPCA and without the help of kind benefactors who have remembered the RSPCA in their will, we would be unable to sustain our welfare operations and rescue centres, both of which help many abused and neglected animals.

Providing for the future of your family will be an important part of your will, but if you are then in a position to leave a gift, we hope you will consider the RSPCA’s work in helping cruelly treated, neglected and abused animals. Your gift will truly make a difference to an animal that is suffering.

If you would like to leave RSPCA DARLINGTON AND DISTRICT a gift in your will please ask your solicitor to ensure that “RSPCA Darlington & District Branch, Charity No: 232264” is properly recorded.

“I give all (or ___% share of) the residue of my estate to RSPCA Darlington and District, (Registered Charity Number 232264) for its general charitable purposes.”

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