Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim the basic rate of tax on donations received from UK taxpayers. This means that for every £1 we are given, we are currently able to claim an extra 28p. To give you an example of what that means, for every donation of £20 we are able to claim an additional £5.60 in Gift Aid so making the donation total £25.60.

Do I qualify for Gift Aid?

All donors who pay enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the 28 per cent tax we reclaim are eligible to take part. If you qualify you can complete a Gift Aid Declaration now.

Do I need to make a separate Gift Aid declaration for each tax year?

No, you only need to make a declaration once. This will apply to all past donations you have made in the last six years, and to all future donations.

What if I pay a higher rate of tax?

As a higher rate taxpayer you can reclaim 18 per cent personal tax relief on your donation – 23p in every pound you donate. If you would like to nominate The Stroke Association to receive this rebate you can do so by indicating this on the relevant section of your self-assessment tax return.

Just to give you an idea of the extra support that this would provide, if a higher rate taxpayer donates £100 the branch would receive as much as an additional £23 on top of the £28 that we claim back directly.

For more information on completing your self-assessment tax return, and increasing your gift to RSPCA Darlington and District by nominating us to receive your rebate as a higher rate taxpayer, please visit the Inland Revenue website.

What if I stop paying tax?

Simply contact us to cancel the declaration.

Download our Gift Aid form

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