Our Services

  • Neutering

    All too often the RSPCA is asked to take in unwanted animals. Our aim is to tackle the overpopulation of companion animals and neuter as many animals as possible to prevent unwanted litters being born.

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  • Micro-chipping

    Every year thousands of beloved pets are lost and we believe that the best way to find a missing pet is to have it microchipped.

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  • Rehoming

    Can you give a forever home to one of the many animals which come into RSPCA care?

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  • Welfare Assistance

    We offer this service to pet owners who are struggling to meet the costs of urgent veterinary treatment.  Regrettably due to limited branch funds strict criteria apply. For more information please contact us.  We are here to help where possible.

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Branch Phone queries

“I’ve got a five year old dog but my new boyfriend doesn’t like dogs and he’s moving in with me, so can you take her?”

“I moved yesterday and I’m letting you know I left my cat behind in the garden so can you just go and get him, if he’s still there?”

“I’ve been breeding rabbits to sell but now I’m stuck with four I can’t get rid of, so what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m moving abroad tomorrow so can you take my three cats?”

“We’re moving into a new house and our landlord says we can’t take our 4 cats …… we’re moving in 5 days.”

“I bought a rabbit for the children and it won’t sit still for them to play with, so they aren’t really interested in it any more…………”

“We’ve just bought a Shih tzu, will you pay for all the vaccinations?”

“We are going on holiday tomorrow and can’t find anyone to look after the cats so we’d like to rehome them.”

“We are going to a wedding at the weekend so someone will have to collect the two kittens we got a few weeks ago.”

“I’ve just got a new puppy and my 9 year old dog doesn’t get on with it …… so I’m going to have to rehome the old one.”

“I bought the children a rabbit but he is spraying wee everywhere and the vets have just told me how much it will cost to castrate him and they told me he should have some injections too. I didn’t think it would all cost this much and I’m not very happy, to be perfectly honest.”

and finally,

“Help we’ve got a squirrel in the house, we can’t get it out.”

Cuddles and Jaspar –  rescue cats
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