Thinking about giving an animal a much needed 2nd chance at happiness? Whatever it is you are looking for, great or small, the chances are the RSPCA will have the animal for you!

We prioritise animals most in need and usually have a variety of small furries who have been brought into the care of our branch via RSPCA Inspectors and Animal Welfare Officers. They are found abandoned or are rescued from situations of cruelty and neglect. We care for  and rehabilitate them before they are ready to start a new life with loving owners.  All rabbits are neutered and fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD.

Adopting an animal who has previously suffered is an extremely rewarding thing to do and we carry out a home visit prior to adoption to ensure a happy outcome for all concerned.

Delilah and Harriet are currently looking for a new home

Delilah and Harriet

Branch Adoption

Rabbits currently looking for homes

Delilah and Harriet – these gorgeous French Lop girls came into RSPCA care as part of a multiple animal case. Delilah battled her way through pleurisy and it really was touch and go whether she would survive. She was unable to eat by herself and she needed lots of TLC. Harriet was a comfort to her throughout her illness, and they are very close, often cuddling up together. Both girls are very adventurous and love to climb and play with their toys. They are particularly nosey when it is veggie time, and tug at trouser legs if their greens don’t come fast enough! Having been through so much, we have become very fond of them and would love to see Delilah and Harriet settled into a quiet home with experienced rabbit owners, where they can enjoy a peaceful life. An adult only home with a ‘bun proofed’ room would be ideal for these girls, as stress could cause Delilah’s condition to flare up again. Please consider giving them a home.


It's hard work being this cute!

We  have a variety of very cute gerbils which make fantastic pets, in pairs or small social groups. They are active, great fun to watch and very friendly once they get to know you.  They will need a spacious gerbilarium or deep based cage to provide lots of substrate to dig and tunnel in, wooden toys to nibble and lots of love and attention. Please call for further details.


Cats and kittens

Please contact us if you can offer a loving home to an unwanted cat or kitten.

Animal Centres

In addition to the animals in our care, the animal centres run by the national RSPCA have many animals patiently waiting for someone to fall in love with them. We are lucky to have two centres in the area, so if you are looking for a family dog, a cat to keep your lap warm or something a little more unusual, please give them a visit before heading off to a pet shop or breeder. For example, an RSPCA dog or cat will be health checked, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and treated for fleas prior to adoption, saving you lots of money! Cats are also tested for FIV and FeLV. Staff are able to find the perfect match for your home, family and lifestyle.

RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre

I'm not a sleep - I'm just resting my eyes

I'm not asleep - I'm just resting my eyes

The centre has a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, other small furries and sometimes even farm animals! Find them at Yarm Lane, Great Ayton, Middlebrough, TS9 6QB or give them a call on 0300 123 0743.  Checkout the RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre webpage.

RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre

To find out more about adopting one of the many dogs and cats at the centre, or for information about rehoming horses and ponies, please call 0300 123 0708. Visit them at Waldridge Lane, Chester Moor, Chester le Street, DH2 3RX. Checkout the RSPCA Felledge Animal Centre webpage.

There are literally thousands of animals in RSPCA care, so please try Pet Search.